Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 26

And now I'm officially up to date, finally :)
So here's another pair of the star earrings, because why not. These are red and silver with black beads and look awesome.

If you like them, take 'em home

Week 25

Week 25's Thing is a pair of sparkly star earrings, made from star sequins and seed beads. I want to make like a zillion more of these just because I like the stacking effect of the stars and beads. Sparkly!

Sparkle up an outfit with these earrings

Week 24

Right before the weather turns all the way to spring, when it's starting to get super windy and a regular hat will get blown off your head, here is a snug fitting warm hat that's super cool. It's guaranteed to stay on your head (hey, it stays on mine and I have a tiny, grape sized child head) Also, you'll never be lost in a crowd, it's nuclear green. I love it.

You know you need this hat

Human tested, robot approved.

Week 23

And here's Week 23! This Week's Thing was made to be silly. It's an emo whale with flippy spout/hair. I love it, he's really good at headbanging too. And go check out the etsy listing even if you don't plan to buy it. He's huggably stuffed to just the right amount.

Go get him!

Week 22

(After a chunk of non-uploading, MTW is back. And my living room is totally renovated too. I can't believe I ripped up every square inch of that awful carpet)
This Week's Thing is a pair of tiny key earrings. I love keys and have a random assortment of them in a box around somewhere. But I had several of these tiny ones so I made some earrings out of them.

If you like what you see, order them now :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 21

Wow, 21 Weeks already! Almost halfway through my year of Making Things. Today's Thing is a little pair of owls. I made something like 15 of these for christmas ornaments a couple years ago, but I still had the pattern so here are 2 more. This project fulfilled 2 objectives; Make a Thing a Week and use up the last bits of my flame fabric that were too small for most other crafty uses.

If you like them, take them home

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 20

Wow, 20 weeks of making a Thing a week :) This Week's Thing is a narwhal! It was originally going to be a bag but turned out better as just stuffed and cuddly. Although I do have narwhal bag designs in the works.
Here he is!

take him home!